Don’t wait for a crisis. Take a moment today to reach out. You can act now to help prevent Veteran suicides:


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We have developed full length video advertisements designed to engage, inform, change the dialog and motivate change and hope. Our project is designed to prevent suicide by informing the public about these issues.


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Suicide PRevention: How you can get involved!

Check out the ways you can learn about Veteran/military culture, trained to be a mentor, promote Veteran issues and reduce stigma.

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REach out!


There ways that you can reach out to Veterans in need. Check out the REACH OUT program and materials.

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Be There Wisconsin!

You can learn how to talk to some one that is in a crisis and by “being there” get them the help they need!

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We are a Veteran focused coalition of non-profit, private, academic, and public agencies working together to make an impact on Veteran health and suicide prevention, We are focused on providing information, connections and supportive materials to Veterans, their family and friends to prevent suicides.

firearm Safety and crisis interventions

Firearm safety is a paramount priority for our Task Force due the high percentage (70%) of Veterans that die by using a firearm. A locked firearm or one that is stored out of the home can safe a life!

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outreach and culture change

We can only help Veterans by reaching out to them and connecting them to healthcare, benefits and positive connections they need to develop their mission in living a civilian life!

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How you can Help get the message out to Veterans

We have many resources and materials that can be distributed to your contacts and community agencies.

We know that by sharing and communicating ideas for change can make a difference in the lives around us.

Check out our Media Kick off Campaign at the War Memorial Center!

Make A Change

Veterans live in your community and only by changing the culture of suicide throughout our communities can we decrease the rate of suicide.

Helping people find ways to cope, develop positive attitudes, get mental health support and work together change the culture of suicide. There are reasons to live – make the change!


 Our Research Team is made up of many different agencies that are supportive of Veterans. Contact us if you are need of support or want to be part of the solutions to prevent Veteran suicide.


Here is the kick off of the 1st advertising campaign at the War Memorial Center